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If you want to feel happy, at peace and in control, this course shows you how to do it in a simplistic and common sense way.

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Module 1: Your Best Life

In this Module you will start planning the life you would love to live.

You will learn:

     * Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Without the pic ture, it is difficult to put together.

     * The 3 step plan that needs to be put in place for you to a chieve your goals.

     * The specifics of what you want to achieve.

     * The 4 phases of sorting something out.

This is an important Module as we define where you are now and where you would like to be. This allows you to monitor your progress.


Module 2: Why People Emotionally Suffer

In this Module, you will learn the key as to why every person struggles at some point in their life.

It is eye-opening and life changing. It is the core of our living.

In this Module you will learn:

     * How and why you allow others to affect the way you feel and think.

     * Who is in control of your life - and who should be!

     * The reason people argue.

     * Why people struggle in relationships.

     * Why people become dependent on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and exercise.

     * Some interesting figures that will change the way you look at life.

This is a challenging Module as it examines the Real or Authentic self. The good news is, you will now have the ability to change the things you do not like and take back your power.

This is the Module that changed Clive's life in a heartbeat.

Module 3: The Solution Defined


If you are going to feel good about yourself and have high self-esteem, it is important to define this.

In this Module you will learn:

     * What is self-esteem/self worth?

     * How most people think they give/love unconditionally ... and they don't!

     * The difference between a secure person and an insecure person.

     * You are physically secure, learn how to feel emotionally secure.

     * When you feel secure within, you will not need others to fullfill you.

     * The myths of high self-esteem - egotistical, selfish, emotionally cold - and how to deal with these.

     * Others can affect the way you feel.

Once the end result of the person you would love to be is defined, we then move on to showing you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Module 4: Achieving The Best You


We all have Physical and Emotional Needs.

We go through a routine to have our Physical needs met. There are three simple things we need to do - and we do them every day.

In this Module, you will learn:

     * The three keys to having both your emotional and physical needs met. Get one key wrong and your need is not met.

     * The 3 key elements that stop people achieving their goal and how to fix them.

     * How to be happy. While this looks simple, very few people know how to achieve true happiness.

     * The importance of taking action.

Once you know how to achieve the best you, the next step is to fine tune it ...

Module 5: You Are A Great Person

This is perhaps the most important Module as it shows the biggest mistake everyone makes - they do not know who they are!

What makes you a great person?

In this Module you will learn:

     * You are a far better person than you ever imagined - here is the proof!

     * The traits that make up a great person.

     * A checklist for you to work off.

     * How most people value others more than they value themselves.

     * How you allow others to define you.

     * The 2 different types of confidence and why it is critical to have one of them - and it's not the one most people have!

Module 6: What You Think Is What You Get


This is a major rule on how your mind works. Think sad thoughts and you feel sad. Think happy thoughts and you feel happy.

In this Module you will learn:

      * How one word can change the way you think, feel and respond.

      * How your thinking can actually get you what you don't want.

      * How to effectively communicate with others so they will do what you ask!

      * A key reason why many people are not happy, healthy, wealthy or slim - this just may surprise you. It is critical to get this right.

      * Some key words that, one day, may actually save your life!


Modules 7 & 8: Overcoming Your Fears And Insecurities


Your insecurities are your fears.

These are the things that hold you back. Common sense indicates, if you get rid of your fears you will be left feeling secure.

And this is how everyone wants to feel.

In this Module you will learn:

      * The many fears you may have and how they can hold you back from achieving your goals.

      * Fears like:
            Success - this is huge fear that affects many people!
            Not Being Accepted
            Loneliness and Being Alone
           Not Being Respected
           Trusting Others and Being Trusted

Module 9: Know Your Programming

How have you been programmed?

Is it serving you in all instances or are there some occasions where it holds you back?

In this Module you will learn:

      * Where your programming comes from.

      * The Rules of Mind that are critical to know if you want to control your thinking.

      * How past experiences still affect you NOW.

      * Your mind never forgets. Out of sight is not out of mind. If you reacted to something when you were younger, it will still be there affecting you today (unless you know how to change it).

      * Why positive thinking does not always work.

This is one of the most important Modules as it shows you how to start programming your life so you achieve the best from it.

Module 10: How To Resolve Inner Conflict

Inner Conflict comes from past experiences that affect you in a negative way.

One part of your brain will say you want to be a success while a past experience will say you are not worthy of success. Whichever thought has the most energy will win. This is nearly always the negative thought.

It will sabotage you.

In this Module you will learn:

      * How past experiences affect you NOW.

      * How to change a negative event from your past so it works for you and empowers you.

      * Many examples on ways to do this.

Module 11: The Importance Of A Healthy Mind And Body

If you value yourself as a person, you will be committed to looking after yourself.

In this Module you will learn:

      * What is Optimal Health?

      * There are only two food groups - now that makes it easy, doesn't it? And you need to be avoiding one of them as much as possible.

      * The number 1 food that wreaks havoc in your body.

      * Should you exercise?

      * Ways to prevent disease.

Module 12: Putting It All Together

This is a great Module that wraps up what you have learnt so far and gives some examples on ways to implement the new concepts.

You will learn:

      * A great question to ask yourself every time there is a problem.

      * Why do people judge others?

      * The benefits of creating a blueprint.

      * How to effectively deal with problems.

      * The Number 1 thing that stops people from achieving their goals. Fix this and you are on a winner!


As a bonus, when you purchase the "Live Your Life Potential" Program, you will receive:

      * Unlimited access to the Program in an ongoing way! You will receive any new updates and bonuses Clive adds for free. This means you can come back at any time and re-do a Module to help deal with any problem that may arise. This is priceless.

     * FREE email access to me for the next 12 months. This means you can ask questions and get answers.

     * Access to the yet to be released course on gaining Confidence. This covers both the confidence to do things and how to be a confident person. 

     * You will also receive an in-depth workbook to take notes so you can regularly refer back to it in times of need.

     * A generous 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the program for any reason, simply let us know within the 60 days and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

     * If you are one of the first 10 people to purchase this Program, you will receive a FREE one-hour session with Clive to talk about whatever suits you. This means you get to ask questions that are specific for your needs. 

Add all the bonuses up and they are worth just shy of $1,000.

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Give the "Live Your Life Potential" Course a go for a full 60 days. If it doesn't meet your expectations or you are not getting the result you desire, let me know on or before the 60th day and I will refund your money in full. After all, I only want you keeping this course if you are getting a result. 

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As you can see, this is a Program that is power-packed with useable powerful information that changes lives. It teaches you how to cease reacting to what others say and do. It also teaches you how to feel happy, fulfilled and in control. You are covered by my generous 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you have everything to gain.